Tuesday, May 19, 2009

THE Pitcher!!

Well, since you asked... There are 2 modified softball teams for The Liverpool School District. The Orange team and The Blue team. The coaches try to split the girls up evenly so both teams are competitive. KC is the 1st string pitcher for the Orange team. She also plays little league for SRN, which is essentially Liverpool and the outlying areas, and the 1st string pitcher for the Blue team plays on the same little league team. 

KC is so much faster than the 2nd string pitcher on the Orange team, it is not even close! When we are way close or way behind, the Modified coach puts in the 2nd string pitcher to give her a chance and when we are playing a team that we are sure we are going to kill, she also gets to pitch. Other than that, it is KC all the way. On the little league team, where the pitchers should be somewhat even, they are not! The 1st string pitcher for the Modified Blue team usually hits at least 1-3 girls every game. She usually walks at least 5-6 girls every game she pitches, and she is very wild. 

Onto my girl! The first little league game she pitched, only 4 girls hit off of her the whole game!!! One of them she threw out on 1st base and the other 3 scored. (Final score 15-3, us) She struck out all of the other girls. Her first "almost" no hitter! As for the Modified team, she has been averaging 2-4 walks and 10-15 strike-outs, for 7 innings of pitching! We even had the coach of the best traveling tournament team in our area, (who was scouting at some of the little league games), ask if KC would come and play for him. We told him that she was happy on the tournament team she played for but we were secretly really excited that he made the offer. His team went to the Little League World Series last year and came in 2nd in the nation! 

We are just a little proud but I promise you I'm not exaggerating. Both teams have lost about 50% of their games but KC is still doing great! She only pitched 2 innings yesterday, (and they won 18-2) because she has 4 more games this week and the coach said she needed to "save" KC because they are all hard games and we will need her! 

THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!


KJae said...

Holy COW, KC - you're amazing!!

Thanks for sharing this. I love it when parents talk about their children and share their strong points. It's not bragging - it's building confidence in your girl.

Wow - I wish I could come and watch.

KJae said...

i see you have the Twilight books on your virtual bookshelf. my daughter is addicted. she thinks she's a vampire and is in love with jacob black. we're actually taking her and her best friend to Forks, Washington in two weeks to take a tour of everything. we're taking our two younger boys too, but it'll be a great trip. the beach. the rainforest. all the silly houses and restaurants and hospitals from the book. she's been planning the trip for 1 1/2 years and it's finally here. we're pretty excited.

okay, enough of me. how are you?

this blog author said...

Tell your friend notice has been given on my blog.

Nikki said...

This blog author,
I have no idea who you are or why you are posting on my blog since I haven't posted anything in about 2 years. I also don't know what friend you are referring to. Please explain and who are you?!

Nikki said...

This blog author,
Did my brother send you? I told him I was going to remain friends with her even if they got a divorce. If this is what this is about, you can tell my brother that he can call me and we can talk about this. I love him and will never betray him but I am not going to end a friendship that means so much to me. I can't believe he would do this but I can't imagine what other friend you could be talking about.


Anonymous said...

Had you confused with someone else. Sorry. Don't know your brother.